Shall we do some nostalgia :)

By downloading the Uh1L application now, you can send and receive letters to your loved ones, friends. Moreover, with real distance and real time values ​​...

Customize Letter

Personalize your letter! Choose your envelope, stamp and start preparing your special letter!

Write Your Mystery Text

Have you decided what to write? Now start writing on paper and let's complete our preparations!

Send It

You look ready now! Choose who you want to send to now and let the letter go!


Sending and receiving letters becomes enjoyable with Uh1L!

Envelope Options

How about customizing your letter a little? Start preparing your letter with the most suitable envelope options!

Stamp Options

Countries, historical places or funny emojis ... All the stamps that will explain your letter are in application.

Paper Options

Do you want to choose a special paper? We have a lot of paper options to adapt to your letter.

Posting Options

What is it like to send your letter with a pigeon or carriage? Or will it go by plane fast?

Real Values

It would be perfect if the delivery time of the letter was calculated based on the distance between you, right? Possible !

Letter Following

When will the letter you sent reach the recipient? You can watch your letter from the "Letter Following" menu ...

Screenshots Gallery

Envelope, stamp, paper selection, letter sending options and much more in the Uh1L mobile app ...

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Did you decide to send your letter? Now you can download and start using the app on Apple Store and Google Play!